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GKPCL series Picosecond Laser

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GKPCL series Picosecond Laser, mainly applied in laser micromachining, adopts a rapid electro-optic selection technology. Compared to the nanosecond pulse, picosecond ultra-short pulse can process materials without thermal effect, which greatly improves the processing accuracy and quality.



  • Laser marking and cutting (glass, ceramics, silicon wafers and biological scaffolds)



  • High maintainability;

  • High average output power;

  • Excellent laser beam quality.



Wavelength (nm)1064
Repetition frequency (kHz)100~500
Pulse average power (W)30@250kHz
Pulse width (ns)<15
Pulse energy(μJ)120@250kHz
Beam qualityTEM00(M²<1.5)
Beam diameter (mm)2
Beam divergence angle (mrad)<1
Beam circularity>85%
Beam-pointing stability (μrad)<20
Power Stability (RMS)<2%
Polarization orientationVertical
Cooling methodWater-cooling
Controller size (U)8
Working temperature (℃)25±5
Security levelClass 4

Note: Some parameters like pulse width and peak power are customized, please contact us if necessary.

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