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GKNQL series Infrared Lasers

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GKNQL series semiconductor solid-state infrared lasers include three types according to different average output power. By an end-pumped laser technology in design, this series of lasers have the advantages of high power, high beam quality and high reliability in laser output.



  • Laser resistor trimming

  • Bitmap marking

  • Materials processing

  • Scientific researching

  • Spray-painted materials, metal products and sapphire screens surface marking




  • Easy operation, stable performance and long service life;

  • Strong environmenal suitabiliy with a hermetically sealed design of the laser shell;

  • Convenient in controlling with three modes: internal control, external control and RS232 control.



Repetition frequency( kHz)20~10020~150
Pulse average power(W)10@40kHz20@50kHz30@60kHz
Pulse width(ns)15±5@40kHz20±5@50kHz20±5@60kHz
Beam qualityTEM00 (<1.3)
Beam diameter(mm)≤1
Beam divergence angle(mrad)≤3
Beam circularity>90%
Power Stability(RMS)≤ 2%
Polarization orientationHorizontal
Working materialNd:YAG
Working temperature +10 ~ +35℃
Working humidity<65%
Electricity requirements220V/50Hz/AC
Cooling methodAir-coolingWater-cooling
Security LevelClass 4

Note: Some parameters like pulse width and peak power are customized, please contact us if necessary.

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GKNQL series end-pumped diode solid-state ultraviolet lasers consist of four types according to different average output power, which adopt a unique cavity design, an acousto-optic Q modulation and a precise cooling system. This series of UV lasers are mainly used for micro-processing and engraving, especially suitable for boring micro pores and marking on food and medicine packaging materials, high-speed partition of glass and complex graphic processing and cutting of silicon wafers.ApplicationsMaterial markingCarbon fiber, PC film, FPC cutting.
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