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Glass products are widely used in construction, household, medical, chemical, home, electronics, instrumentation, nuclear engineering and other fields. Glass has the characteristics of fragile, so the glass surface sculpture, the process demanding. Laser marking is a non-contact processing, processing time is short, fine marking lines, it is suitable for marking the surface of glass materials or text messages.

The laser can form a very fine beam, fine marking on the glass material, any complex text, graphics, images, trademarks, LOGO, bar code, two-dimensional code, production lot number, autograph, etc., can be laser marking Machine to complete.



Laser fine marking application case

Glass engraving is the laser machine will be a certain wavelength of laser into the glass or crystal inside, so that the specific parts of the internal cracks occurred in the formation of fine bubbles, so that the plane or three-dimensional pattern "engraved" in the crystal, the glass of the internal Kinds of technology, also refers to the handicrafts processed out of this technology. Laser engraving process, with low cost, forming speed, fine, the outer surface of the wear and tear can accept the characteristics of two-dimensional or three-dimensional model.



Laser engraving technology applications

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